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My Bio

Jel'ki was born in Otah Gunga, Just like the rest of his bretheren, however, he was taken from his family at a very young age. Sold into a life of slavery, Jel'ki was forced to work at the very earlier of age, until he met an older gentleman, a Blademaster. Before hand, Jel'ki had not known, but the man had once been a Jedi. Through the man's teachings, Jel'ki had eventually matured into a fighting adult, and liberated those that were imprisoned by their captors. From there, Jel'ki led a life of mercenary work, constantly moving from place to place, offering his services. Until, one day, he landed on Yinchorr, where he was trained as a Jedi by Retsam Idej. Under the man's tutelidge, Jel'ki eventually became a Jedi. From his days as a Padawan to his current plight as a Jedi Knight, he has met many circumstances of temptation towards the darkside, ever walking on the fine line between good and evil...

My Hobbies

Known Lightsaber Forms:
Form I: Shii-Cho (Proficient)
Form II: Makashi (Familiar)
Form III: Soresu (Somewhat Proficient)
Form IV: Ataru (Extreme Proficient)
Form V: Shien / Djem So (Familiar)
Form VI: Niman (Not familiar, Untrained. Though he uses two lightsabers, he is not proficient with this form)
Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad (Not Familiar, Untrained)
Sokan (Only proficient through Form IV, but no formal training)
Jar'Kai: (Only proficient through practise with two lightsabers with combination of Form IV, though no formal training)

What's most strange about Jel'ki's form of combat with his lightsabers is his overall agressive and acrobatic form of movements, making his blows fairly powerful and quick, while using two lightsabers. While he normally uses Form IV during most battles, he will not hesitate to switch to Form I if he is faced with no alternative. While he is somewhat familiar with other forms, he does not use them in combat. Even though the use of two lightsabers during Form IV is considered suicide, Jel'ki has managed to keep himself in one piece during combat...

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